MB&F watch company has again surprise the watch admirers by presenting Moon machine


MB&F is the sign of best watches today. MB&F is Swiss Watch Company that has astonished the world with its amazing designs. Maximilian Busser has founded this watch company. Today, MB&F is name of pride. Watches manufactures by MB&F are in demand by many kinds of people today. Moon machine by Finnish watchmaker is made MB&F Manufacturers.

Moon mahine has mesmerizing looks.  It has captivating moon in with many stars. This watch has 22k gold plated that has laser pierced stars. These laser pierced stars are forming constellation of the northern sky. Along with moon, these stars present impressive looks.

You may think that it is only watch that displays time. However, it is something way beyond ordinary watch. Moonmachine by Finnish watchmaker is the model of HM3 of MB&F. This means, it is one of the latest watch of MB&F. HM3 Frog is the chosen platform for Moon machine.

Moon machine displays the time with impressive looks. It deems like that only thing that is dynamic is time in Moon machine. However, it is not true. Moon machine has high-tuned engine in it. It has multi-layered rotor in its sky. This multi-layered rotor displays beautiful background with moon face on top. Moon face in Moon machine is hand finished.

This model is available in 3 limited editions. Comport with its website, it deems that each case of Moonmachine has 18 pieces. However, you must confirm from them if you are reseller. Three limited editions of Moon machine by Finnish watchmaker are listed below.


  • Titanium case in combination with white gold moon faces in Sky blue background.
  • Black titanium watch case, white gold moon faces with dark blue sky.
  • Rose gold case with rose gold moon faces with an anthracite sky.


If you like to purchase Moon machine by Finnish watchmaker, it is also good that you go on MB&F website and read the description of Moon machine by yourself.



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