Samsung W20143

Specifically in China, Samsung-created Android-run clamshell devices have done rather well lately. This success even led Samsung to release the Galaxy Golden Android flip-telephone in its home state of South Korea.

Samsung W2014 1

Now Samsung is gearing up for any new flip telephone aimed at the Chinese industry, a very high-end luxury device that just one-ups even the Galaxy S4 in terms of hardware, aside from the shows.

The new SCH-W2014 is run by a two .3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU with 2GB RAM. Other specs involve 32GB storage, 13MP key cam, 2MP entrance cam, and twin-SIM assistance. Over the not so extraordinary facet, the system’s two screens are merely Super AMOLEDs with resolutions of 800 x 480.

Considering the specs, you’d think this bad boy would retail for somewhere about probably $five hundred or $600. Nope, China Telecom intends to introduce the SCH-W2014 in a cost of roughly $1,640 usd. If you are convinced’s costly, past calendar year’s flagship clamshell design (SCHW-W2013) retailed for properly about $2,500 usd.

Samsung W20142

Samsung has continued to make clamshell Android units for some time now, but so far has forgotten to take into consideration the potential for launching these types of a device globally. If Samsung at any time did provide a clamshell product to your local market, would you be interested? – provided the worth was a lot more in-line with in the same way spec’d equipment? Conversely, do you are feeling the look is tacky and dated?


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