Teaming up with designer Justin Wolter, HTC United kingdom’s “Here’s to Creativeness” campaign brings us the Gramohorn II.
This dual-shaped gramaphone amplifier features two cones that amplify Each individual BoomSound speaker, with out applying any electronic parts to have the sound increased.
The Gramohorn II’s structure surely seems like anything through the bygone period of record players, even so the technology applied to supply it is in fact quite modern-day. The amplifier is constructed from plaster composite, and is then created through 3D printing. Following the printing, the rest of the design and style is concluded by hand.
On account of limited quantities as well as the particular production procedure, the Gramohorn II is really an oddity that doesn’t come low cost. The ‘base’ Model will set buyers back roughly $1,600. Bronze and chrome steel variants will seemingly Charge about $8,000! Certainly a interesting concept, even when its rate selection implies that none of us will most likely at any time get our arms on this unique speaker accent.

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