Microsoft Surface Tablet , to be released in a version for basic users and one for professionals,

Microsoft has penetrated the hardware marketplace with the first tablet “of Microsoft Surface ‘, it unveiled at a press event in LA. Microsoft took time, but finally unveiled a tablet called itself Surface, which appears to have features specifically designed to compete with Apple’s iPhone, the device that dominates the industry. Surface, to be released in a version for home users and one for professionals, will have the operating Microsoft Surface Tablet

system Windows 8, soon to be launched. One of its main differences with the iPad will be staffed by a keyboard and a ‘trackpad’ within its sheath magnetic screen and numerous ports that allow connections to peripherals such as printers and displays. Also, take a stand included that allows you to be used in a practical and portable. “It’s a PC that is a great tablet, and a tablet PC is great,” summed up the idea Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live division at the launch event in Los Angeles.Microsoft Surface Tablet

The tablet will have a high definition display of 10.6 inches, with cameras on both sides and will be available in two versions, 64 and 128 gigabytes. The price and release date for the unit is not made public, but it is estimated that the consumer version hit the market with Windows 8, in the third quarter. The pro version also has a digital pen and is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. Microsoft expected to compete with the iPad tablet and emphasized the advantages of one company which is responsible for the development of hardware and software.   And Surface is something new to think people will love,” he added. The announcement is risky for Microsoft, which has traditionally focused on manufacturing and selling software to equipment manufacturers. The company has less experience in creating digital devices, especially that achieved with the Xbox 360 game console that has succeeded in displacing the Sony Playstation as the top seller.Microsoft Surface Tablet

The company also risks conflict with traditional allies like HP, Samsung and Dell, to compete directly with them. But with Apple controlling over 62 percent of a growing tablet market, Microsoft had no choice but to create a viable competitor, as analysts said. Google does not manufacture its own aircraft, but depends on its contracts with Samsung, Asus and Lenovo, whose tablets using the Android operating system. It is estimated however they soon start producing its own model after the recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility. According to technology research firm IDC, tablet sales rise 54 percent this year compared to growth of just three per cent for traditional PCs. With a trend like that, Microsoft could not continue waiting for their partners develop a tablet good enough to maintain its share of the total market for computers. The announcement is sure to be regarded as an important milestone in the history of Microsoft.

For three decades, the company was content to offer software in exchange for a fixed price to any hardware manufacturer that was willing to pay. Now it seems that no price is enough for Microsoft to leave your future entirely in the hands of manufacturer’s computers.


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