Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8 

As we all know, Microsoft is leading in Operating Systems industry. Today, most computers use Microsoft Operating Systems. One of major reasons behind having Microsoft Operating Systems as ubiquitous is that Microsoft Operating Systems is extremely easy for lay persons. Microsoft is pioneer in IT technology. It has focused itself on Operating Systems from long time. Besides Operating Systems, every thing deems as secondary to Microsoft. Therefore, you can expect that Microsoft is working very hard in innovation of all kinds of Operating Systems. Now, it deems that Microsoft has dedicated itself in innovations in phones’ Operating Systems as well. Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8 now. This has proven that Microsoft is consistent in bring all kinds of technology in market. When it comes to Operating Systems, it is specialty of Microsoft.

Windows Phone 8 is the phone version of Windows 8. This means, it does have all characteristics of Windows 8. Windows Phone 8 technology keeps same fundamentals that are used in Windows 8. The Astonishing applications that you can see in Windows 8 are present in Windows Phone 8 as well.

Interface of Windows Phone 8 is very friendly for users. As we know, computer’s Operating Systems of Microsoft are very easy and inviting to users. Same is true with Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 is full of advanced technology and astonishing features.

It has Multicore Processor support for phones. This is amazing when people can experience their best operating system with Multicore Processor support. Windows Phone 8 supports removable MicroSD cards. Support of removable memory card is good for those who like to download many important documents from their phones as well. Windows Phone 8 support NFC (Near Field Communication).  With NFC, you can exchange much with other phones in short distances. Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8 is expected in days when many will be in a position to use “the most complete” version with best phone technologies.


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