Let’s take a look at Webtop that is available with your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Motorola device.

We slowly trying to push out desktop computers from our lives, and frankly we almost succeeded. If you think about it what are desktops used for now days when internet browsing could be done on your tablet or phone, when gaming could be done on a gaming cancels and emails could be simply checked on your phone. Many of us still like to use our desktop computers just because it’s comfortable of because we’re used to the keyboard and a mouse.

Webtop Turns your Motorola Android Phone into a Desktop, and it’s done very simple. All you need is a wireless keyboard, mouse and a TV or a monitor with the HDMI input. Given that you still have your mini HDMI cable that came with your phone, all you have to do is connect your android phone to the TV and choose Webtop on your phone. On the display you’ll see everything that you have on your mobile device. You could be doing everything from watching movies to browsing internet. This could be your desktop computer, media station, or even a gaming platform with all the android games available out there.



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