Luxury Iguana Yachts are a must experience among Normandy attractions.


When you are in Normandy, there is so much to see and do around these great French beauties. The bay of Mont St. Michel is mesmerizing for the tourist and there is a lot more to see around. While the travelling can be done by road but the real fun comes when you take a yacht ride through these French islands.

While many commercial yacht companies are available, it is recommended to the travelers to try out Iguana yachts as these are a class apart. Having a day in luxurious yachts like these is an experience of a lifetime. Imagine you along with your beloved in a romantic mood with the cool breeze running, the soft sunset on a yacht, it’s all so beautiful.

The Iguana yachts are ultra-modern luxurious yachts which are very automatic in the sense that they require no effort for launching from the beach on while landing at it. The space and the comfort provided in these yachts are unmatched and imperial. They provide a great combination of style, speed, space with lavish interior and they take their guest to the distant location in shortest possible time. With the uber-cool technologies used these yachts are sure to make your day worthy for whole of your lifetime. The concept of these amphibian yachts is not new but the technology and quality delivered by these is like the one never seen before.  There are no hassles involved both while taking off from the port or while navigation. With modern and powerful engines, state of the art communication technologies and a robust design, these yachts are sure to win your hearts and give you a royal treatment.

Among the Normandy attractions, while you are at Mont St. Michel, we recommend you to take a ride at these Iguana yachts for their sheer luxury and ultra modern technology.

The monster below goes for $290,000

Iguana Yachts



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