Watch Dogs, Surprise of a game

After a conference which we will call politely “no surprise”, Ubisoft still managed a big blow by revealing to the world Watch Dogs, a new IP developed out of the Montreal studios.

Ubisoft unveiled in his press confrence at E3 a game that promises to be the big surprise of the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The game is called Watch Dogs and takes place in a world completely open somewhat like Grand Theft Auto. In summary, you play a character with the ability to hack everything that surrounds it (cell phones, televisions) and you have to do missions around the city.

Watch Dogs

Information about the title is still thin, but it will likely be a contemporary open world game where he discussed killing people but especially to hack anything that can be. And even if we do not know much about it, this did not stop to really be taped by the demonstration that was made.

Do not be too eager to play, however: you will not fail to note UBI was careful not to give any information about a release date. No release date yet, but the game should land on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC where they were expecting maybe more about the next generation according to the report

The game, which was visible for an Xbox 360 controller during game play video (thus compatible with a computer), turn on a BIG PC, a PC from NASA, a PC of the future, call it what you want. The title should be single player and multiplayer, as can be seen at the end of the video contained in conference, with persistent elements it seems, as several people saw who were present in the conference with the change of character that occurs at the end demonstration held in Los Angeles.
Watch Dogs will come out this year or next year, nobody can make a guess.
The QR Code which is the head of a character in the sequence shown at E3 returns to this site and suggests the possibilities with the use of devices, such as a tablet (it’s this way we would recover the information for a mission, for example).

A scene in this car is in the game play trailer, in the last minute, what is not seen at the conference.
Finally, note that “watchdog” an electronic circuit or software used in digital electronics to ensure that a controller or a computer does not remain stuck at a particular stage of treatment it performs. This protection generally intended to restart the system, if a defined action is not executed within a specified time “, as Wikipedia says.


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