The Secret World : Game preview of the week

When it comes to online gaming and multiplayer fun, the most popular genre for teens is the MMORPG genre (massively multiplayer online role playing games). Today we take a preview look at a big upcoming release of the week The secret world: game plot, graphics and game play. The game is a product from the developer team of Funcom entertainment who are also the makers of the famous Age of Conan game. The game has generated great enthusiasm among the fans and is scheduled to release in this week.

The secret world: Game play and graphics look awesome given the fact that it comes from a reputed production house. The genre of online role playing is very popular among the young generation on the internet. With such impressive looking graphics and an exciting new storyline, the game has got all the ingredients to make itself a big success. Given the initial trailers and all the hype, experts predict that the game will be a major success of the year and set new standard in the MMORPG category.

The game uses the same engine as the Age of Conan and has a very interesting plot with all the contemporary features and the players can also expect elements of myths and magic. Although the developers have clearly stated that there will be no sci-fi or alien elements in The secret world: Game which means that the players are up for a very exciting experience altogether.

The expected release date of this much hyped game is 3rd of July and the rumors and speculations about the game have been ever soaring. With all the initial hype and given the quality of trailers and poster images, it seems Funcom has come up with a very good piece lately and we expect a thrilling experience with this new upcoming MMORPG.


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