The Skyrim Dawnguard Plug-in

In about few days from now, the first official plug in for one of the world’s most played games in the present time, Skyrim Dawnguard is scheduled to be released. So what’s all the hype about this plug-in and what all features can you expect? Unfortunately only Xbox 360 users will be able to enjoy the nasty of Dawnguard this summer, as Microsoft has the exclusive rights and will not let PC gamers (or Playstation 3,) to enjoy. But hey, you can always make time trying to load the game on PS3.

The Dawnguard plug-in of Skyrim is focussed on the “Dawnguard” organization inside the gameplay which is infamous for its killings of the Vampires particularly for blocking Lord Harkon to re-enter the gameplay and not allow him to use the “Elder Scroll” which can bring in darkness by blocking out the sun altogether. In the new Skyrim Dawnguard plug-in a user can choose any of the two campaigns and can become Dawnguard member or choose Vampires to have a stake at becoming the Lord.

The players are looking forward to this amazing expansion pack of Skyrim Dawnguard. Now the important decision to be made about the gameplay has been the talk of the town all over the forums on the internet and there have already been many debates whether which one will prove out to be more awesome than the other. While the original “white hat” fans want to be part of Dawnguard, there is a growing interest among the veterans to explore the dark section; in fact many think that having a chance to be the Lord of Darkness itself would be a great experience.

The Elder scroll which may be the base of the storyline in the Skyrim Dawnguard expansion pack has been mentioned in the storyline in the introductory trailer and a man carrying it is shown. The gamers were also excited to see the highlighted modified Skyrim map and with the cool features mentioned in the teaser.

All one can say that the preview of Skyrim DawnGuard looks pretty awesome and can be the biggest release of the year. So keep looking this space to find the review after this week’s release.


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