Pick of the week Far cry 3: Game preview

When it comes to games, Ubisoft is a major production house producing some awesome game in almost all the genres. Far cry 3: Game is set to be released this year and the trailers and the buzz on the web suggest that it will be a big hit again from Ubisoft. It is an open world shooter (first person) game and a sequel to the hit Far cry 2. The expected release is in September.

The game will begin with the main character being on a tropical island somewhere between the pacific and Indian Ocean and one has to navigate the main character and help escape the crazy inhabitants on various missions. The protagonist Jason Brody will be the lead character as many of the Far cry 3: Game enthusiasts are discussing and the player is separated from his beloved. The quest will involve the player meeting back his girlfriend and in the process dealing with a variety of characters on the tropical islands within the game. The setting of Far Cry 3: Game has been again made similar to its first version with the scenes of beaches and islands rather than like its 2nd version where the developers chose an African jungle game play setting.

The interviews during the initial press conference from the developers and the first trailer revealed that the lead character Jason has a variety of skills and is a good combatant and tough survivalist which make the game play even more interesting.

The developers of Far cry 3: Game have also announced that there will be a side by side Co-op campaign and multiplayer facility with split screen for up to 4 players in this new version.

The Game itself seems very exciting and has received many good accolades in its previews all over the internet. With everyone looking forward to this new action packed adventure game from Ubisoft, we believe it will have a very good opening. Stay posted for more on far cry 3.



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