IronKey – USB key: USB key Memory and Encryption

“Laptop robbery is the second most common laptop or computer criminal activity and less than 2 percent of those thieved netbooks are ever recovered,” according to the Government Trade Commission and the Government Institution of Research. “Four in five (81%) of US firms have had at least one laptop or computer thieved containing delicate details according to majority of folks.” In 2005, 32,771,838 and in 2006, 31,796,167, information were affected when netbooks were thieved from companies such as gas and energy, nation, state and administration companies, suppliers, institutions, medical centers and banks. Well known company and government departments top the list from the Veteran’s Administration and Deep blue to the Bank of America.

Your laptop or computer does not have to be thieved, to gain details. How often do we perform on our laptop or computer finishing on line bill payments and other individual “chores” in public such as the airport, coffee shop, collection or other place we happen to be? Identity criminals can have a lot of details right at their convenience as we leave our laptop or computer open, perform while sitting next to someone or forget to close windows or log out and protected our laptop or computer before we get up to get that second double gourmet coffee. IronKey provides a USB memory stick for protecting  your protected you’re most important convenient information. No one can accessibility the information on your IronKey – USB key if it is ever thieved, lost or “borrowed.”


IronKey provides the following features: generate material secured using AES CBC-mode security, a true unique variety generator for the maximum security produces security important factors in components, securely shops account details, quick (30MBPS) read, quick (20MBPS) write, covered in a plant in pots steel case- not plastic which makes it one of the most powerful USB important factors around, surpasses army water resistant requirements, and can securely tube through vulnerable wireless networks.

IronKey – USB key runs on the accurate die-casting steel process to create the Metal Key’s steel covering to exact requirements for width, strength and strength. Metal and other materials are used to create the strong steel spend. IronKey is water resistant and tamperproof. No one can mess with an IronKey – usb key without ruining or causing permanent and recognizable damage.

IronKey – USB key has recognized itself from the competition in its functions like security, protected web browser, and overall safety measures. IronKey has products for individual or company use, from 1 GB up to 8 GB, with prices starting at $79.99. IronKey – USB key is like an individual “Fort Knox” for scholars, companies or anyone who wants to protect their individual details and their identification.

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