iCade Mobile Gaming dock for iPhone and iPod

Games are getting more advanced for mobile devices and more people use their mobile devices to play them. We all know how big Apple’s community is at app store and genre of games is unlimited.

iCade Mobile was release to the public by ION (ION Website). This device can help you with your gaming needs on iPhone or iPOD. We all have a game that we want to master and get the highest score, well iCade Mobile can help you. There are over four hundred games in app store that could be used by iCade Mobile.

iCade Mobile works as a dock for your iPhone or iPod. All you have to so is dock your device and off you go. We see iCade Mobile been in demend as there are plenty mobile gamers out there that are looking on improving their gaming experience. On the down side it’s another device you would have to carry with you. New Technology / New Gadgets that can change mobile gaming world.

icade mobile
 icade mobile


  • Adds physical buttons and d-pad to your iPhone and iPod touch gaming
  • Rotating cradle allows for landscape and portrait views of gaming action
  • Connects using wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Works with Frogger Decades, Temple Run, and hundreds of games
  • Ergonomic design for hours of comfortable gameplay
  • True control with eight action buttons and a two-axis directional pad


  • iCade Mobile
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual
  • iPod Touch Insert
  • AA Batteries

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