Google TV by Sony – about to be released 

Google is in all of our lives most of us use Google’s search engine, lots of us use Google’s mobile devices. If the future most might use Google for watching TV, of course if they get it right.

Let’s take a look at Google TV by Sony device. From the first look it does seem like anything special, a box with a remote that has Netfilx on it. But let’s dig dipper and find out what Google TV by Sony really has to offer:

Lets start with the remote. Remote control seemed to be very well put together by offering a full keyboard it makes it easy to browse internet and use your Google TV by Sony at full. Multi Positional sensor will allow you to play sensor motion games and who knows how else Google will implement it. Remote controller also offers a touch pad on the opposite side of the keyboard which is great when you’re navigating through the device, Supports multi touch which allows you to zoom in and zoom out using two fingers. Remote connects to the device via bluetooth which is good at responding.

The unit it self looks compact and well build but that is to be expects as it was build by Sony. Offering HDMI in and out so you can plug your TV into one and your cable box into the other. Optical-out for all you modern sound systems. IR plug that will allow for Google TV by Sony remote controler to control everything you have. LAN 10/100 and Wifi, we were a bit disapointed not to see a gig LAN capability. 2X USB2 Ports for all your media storage.

The interface it self has a big potential. With out a question having Google Apps store allows you to install over a thousand applications including games. The web browser offers customized Google search that allows you to search for movies easily.



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