Google Glasses is an instance of technology entering in 21st century.

As we know, Google is the leader in IT. Today, most used search engine is Google search engine. When we need to look at map for any part of the world, we go on Google map. Further, Google is striving hard to enhance its map technology day by day. However, Google has not limited itself to search engine and map technology. You also can find news that Google has introduced Google TV to the world. Now, Google has spread the news that Google is working very hard on amazing technology of 21st century. It is Google Glasses. Google Glasses is the technology that will completely separate the technologies coming from 20th century to 21st century innovations.

Obviously, advancement of 21st century will stand on principals and technology established in 20th century, like 20th century’s innovations rely on principals developed in 19th century. However, nature of 21st century innovations has to be completely attributed to 21st century. Google Glasses is an example of highly technical and innovative work in 21st century.

Google Glasses is amazing example of teams’ hard work and collaborations.  Google Glass looks like normal glass. However, it is way different than ordinary glasses. This glass is like companion of owners. It guides directions without any touch of button when a person is walking wearing this glass.  Google Glasses remind you for your appointments in advance.

Forbes has said that Google Glasses are preparing world for post phone world. You will be able to do video calls with Google Glasses. These glasses will enable you to take snap shots anytime at anywhere. These glasses are astonishing for whole market. Some people may be waiting for these glasses and want to purchase them soon. However, it deems that it will take some time when these glasses will come in market.  To the whole world, Google Glasses will bring good luck.


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