B&O Play – wireless speakers

The lightweight B & O PLAY Beolit 12 speaker is an obvious crack from the firm’s present style terminology. Plastic content has changed aluminum as the prevalent content, and while the program has a more natural and informal experience than the conventional plants of B&O items, it still maintains an obvious feeling of minimalism and style.

As the name indicates, the Beolit 12 is actually an honor to Hit & Olufsen’s transistor Beolit receivers from the Sixties.

An French terminology full-grain set holding band is diagonally installed at the top, allowing you to bring it around, and a powerful aluminum speaker  grill parcels around it, making the speaker content noticeable behind the  grill to allow for different color alternatives such as dark-colored, yellow-colored and red.


The set band and aluminum grill are awesome variations, but we cannot help but think the plastic style of the Beolit 12 makes it experience somewhat inexpensive. It does not yell ‘high-end’ or deliver out a feel of exclusivity.


On the top of it you will find amount, energy and system manages, and it has a reduced non-slip area that will let you place your iPhone there securely while enjoying songs. The cable packages nicely away inside the program when not in use and the built-in standard battery power is able to cost an iPhone or other linked system.

B & O PLAY Beolit 12 speaker:

Fastening up the Beolit 12 speaker to your iPad, iPhone or iTunes selection is easy so thanks to Apple’s company AirPlay technological innovation, which works you have got both devices on Wi-Fi system. We were able to connect an iPhone and play unique pieces of a 45-gig songs selection without experiencing any problems.

Being operated by a 120-Watt electronic Category D energy firm generating two 2″ tweeters and a 4″ woofer, the Beolit 12 is able to load up an amazing impact considering its small proportions. The lightweight stereo program was able to perfectly complete the trial area, a slightly large package at The Venetian resort and on line internet gambling house.


Bang & Olufsen informs us that the sound is developed and updated by the same sound technical engineers who provided the award-winning BeoLab 5 high-end sound speakers, but we found the sound quality to be a combined bag. It certainly has enough amount to complete an area, but while the bass sounds is amazingly powerful and powerful, we thought that the mid-range seemed somewhat demure and that the highs seemed to be a bit perished and to have problems providing a sharp and consistent result, especially at higher amount levels.



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